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Donna and Jared, driven by a passion for human resilience, founded Communication and Culture (CCLLC) with a vision shaped by a Tokyo Foundation grant. Their journey through Phuket, Guyana, and New Orleans inspired CCLLC, dedicated to transforming communication and cultural theories into practical strategies for organizations.

We're proud of our achievements, which includes contributing to the Peace Conference in Jos, Nigeria and integrating Chinese scientists in American organizational culture. Join us in our mission to foster resilience, understanding, and unity in a diverse world.


In 2022, CCLLC embarked on a new mission in Huntsville, Alabama focusing on Health Equity. Our work, including tackling COVID-19 clinical trial hesitancy and designing health communication messages for targeted audiences, highlights our commitment to global health equity.

July 2022 marked a significant boost with Dr. Denise Johnson, former Physician General and Acting Secretary of Health for Pennsylvania, joining as our Health Equity Consultant. Our mission is clear: accelerate health equity worldwide using empathetic communication and cultural understanding.

Join us! Your involvement is crucial. Together, we can make health equity a reality for all. Act now to be part of this critical change.

Advancing Health Equity
Our Professionals
Meet our Expert Team
Our Professionals

Donna Oti


Donna uses her background as a journalist, communication professor, and organizational communication expert to help organizations design research-based, culturally appropriate health equity solutions. She has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year (2023) by the Catalyst for Business and Entrepreneurship and Business of the Year (2023) by the Huntsville Metro Black Chamber of Commerce.

Denise Johnson

Health Equity Consultant

Dr. Johnson is an OB/GYN Physician who has served as a hospital administrator, Physician General and Acting Secretary of Health of the State of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about women’s health and an advocate for health as a human right.

Hannah Barr

Research Assistant

Hannah is a psychological researcher with an interdisciplinary background in psychology and design, blending analytical prowess with creative insights. Her work is fueled by a passion for understanding human behavior and a deep-seated belief in the potential of research to catalyze positive change, as evidenced by her rich publication history. Through her work, she aspires to pave the way for a more informed and enriched human experience for all people.