Do you embrace the journey or focus on the destination?

For some it’s the journey, for others it’s the destination. Both are perfectly acceptable ways of living. When I saw Ketanji Brown’s yearbook photo and her prophetic statement about desiring a judicial appointment, for a moment I thought: “I wish I had it all figured out.” I don’t.

My life has been a bit more unplanned. I can connect more with Niven Postma’s experience. I’ve lived and worked on four continents. At times I’ve tried to harness my passion for new experiences and seek a more traditional path. The results for me have been not so pleasant. The more I embrace my authentic self: an introvert deeply committed to service; an intuitive who enjoys following her gut; a spontaneous adventurer who takes minutes to decide on an intercontinental move – the more fulfilling life is for me.  

Whether you have it all figured out or if you live your life more intuitively; you are perfect. Value your uniqueness and seek a path that aligns your growth with your authentic self.