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At Communication and Culture LLC, we are committed to providing exemplary consulting solutions and supplementary services for our clients' organizational growth and change. Count on us to work closely with you in achieving your organization's goals.

Meet Our Consulting Firm’s Leader

Donna Oti is currently in charge of Communication and Culture LLC. She utilizes her expertise and knowledge to improve our services and enhance our clients' experience working with us.

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About Our Company

Establishment, Disbandment, and Rebirth

The late Andrew Jared Critchfield was one of the principal founders that created Communication and Culture LLC. His philosophy significantly influenced our work as a consultancy firm.

However, the company dissolved in December 2021. Fortunately, it was reorganized around March a year later in Madison, Alabama.

Founding Philosophy

Communication and Culture LLC was established based on the belief that organizations greatly benefit when they deeply understand the contributions of a diverse workforce.

This knowledge helps groups value differences and analyze strengths that set individuals and teams up for success.

The Story Behind Our Principles

These ideals emerged during our founders' time at Howard University’s Leadership Academy. After pursuing various career paths in the academe, government, and international society, their visions grew and solidified.

Their concepts culminated in 2010 when they launched Communication and Culture LLC. Together, the principal members share their unique philosophy with local and international clients.

Core Values


Our company utilizes an ingenious qualitative method to understand the shortage of data in medical research on underrepresented groups and facilitate fruitful conversations to address this shortcoming.

To do this, we also collaborate closely with researchers like psychologists, organizational development leaders, media professionals, and more.


We strive to listen intently in hopes of understanding organizational challenges, participant hesitancy, and other communication issues.


After discovering people’s full stories, we utilize our learnings to help our clients respond respectfully and act substantively.


We employ a transparent and honest approach to doing business with our clients.


Mission Statement

We value people and are passionate about helping organizations make data-driven decisions to improve engagement, increase productivity, and achieve strategic results. For example, we help federal government clients interpret their Federal Employees Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) data and design strategies to improve employee engagement and achieve strategic goals for continuous improvement.

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